The Childless Stepmom
A journey toward fulfillment, peace, and tranquility.
Even if all the odds are against me.

A place for people who know there must be more to a blended family than that which they are currently experiencing.

A place to be real, even if it's not always pretty.

A place to be humbled, even if we are stubborn by nature.

A place to learn our PLACE, our purpose, and become all that we know we can be.

A place to be reminded of what really matters.

A place to be at peace with who and where we are. 

A place to beat the odds that are stacked up staggeringly against us.

A place to become a strong unwavering force to be reckoned with by focusing and changing the only thing we truly can; OURSELVES.

Hello, I am The Childless Stepmom. I created this online place  for those looking to better their blended family story. I do this not because I'm an expert in what works, but I'm an expert in what doesn't, and I've taken the tough journey to self-improvement.  

I continue to walk it every day, and invite you to walk it with me. I don't care where you are in your journey or how badly off you think you are from where you need to be. I guarantee I was once there too, or can relate on some level. 

I love to share my story because it is in overcoming our weaknesses that true strength lies.

I'm a determined young woman who has been writing her blended family story for over 5 years.

My marriage has struggled like everyone else. My parenting story has been colorful, raising an 8 year old boy (Little Bear), whom I did not birth, but give full parenting attention to, as he is in my care at all times. 

The Childless Stepmom was a hobby of mine at first, but since I started in 2012, it's quickly become a very important part of my story. 

I am BUSY, like you. I work full time, I take my mental, physical and spiritual health very seriously so when I'm not being wife and mom, I am often wrapped up. But PLEASE do feel free to contact me, and/or check back often for new postings. Helping you helps me and we can all use a little help on this journey....

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